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Sore Thumb, Sleepless Nights, Nausea . . .

Several years ago, a car accident left my thumb area extremely sore.  The next year, an unrelated emotional trauma caused many sleepless nights, nausea and weight loss.  After hearing some interesting anecdotes about the healing power of acupuncture, I sought Kristen’s acupuncture services for these problems.


My experience with Kristen was very positive.  I was worried that the needles would be painful, but I did not feel the needles at all, and the treatments produced an immediate wave of relaxation and pain relief.  The whole experience was very calming and I looked forward to each visit.  Not only did the pain in my thumb improve tremendously, but each session, along with being extremely calming in and of itself, contributed to what I noticed was a real decline in my anxiety and an increase in my ability to sleep well through the night.


I am so pleased with the results.  I will definitely visit Kristen again whenever there is a need.  I truly appreciate the treatment Kristen provided me during a difficult time, and I of course recommend anyone that needs help for a variety of physical or emotional problems to Kristen!

Rachel M.

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