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Joint Pain From Lyme Disease

I must say I was skeptical. How could this possibly work? But I am now a true believer that acupuncture works. You are NOT just anybody, when you see Kristen, she really does care . She is very attentive, patient and professional. I had suffered joint pain from Lyme disease for years. Mainstream doctors just want to pump you with

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Sore Thumb, Sleepless Nights, Nausea . . .

Several years ago, a car accident left my thumb area extremely sore.  The next year, an unrelated emotional trauma caused many sleepless nights, nausea and weight loss.  After hearing some interesting anecdotes about the healing power of acupuncture, I sought Kristen’s acupuncture services for these problems.


My experience with Kristen was very positive.  I was worried that the needles

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Keeping My Body In Balance

I have been a patient here for about 5 years but have been receiving acupuncture on a regular basis for over 12 years. Kristen is awesome and has helped me through many difficult times in my life by keeping my body in balance and eliminating both physical and emotional pain. I am 65 years old and do not take any

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The Best

Best acupuncturist EVER. Best results EVER.

Eric B.

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