Transitioning in a New World- Responsible RestartOhio Guidelines

We are open! I have some information to share with you as we transition to this new way of life and implement Ohio State mandates.  I hope I can support you in these difficult times.

Our door is always open, but for your protection, I would like you to text your name to (440) 420-5339.  You may also leave a voice mail.  This number is posted on the door.  I will text you back or call you as soon as your treatment room is ready.

Please arrive at your appointment time.  I do ask that you come alone, unless you need assistance to make it to your appointment.  When you arrive at the door, I will ask you a few health questions and take your temperature.  If you have a cough, fever, shortness of breath, diarrhea, new loss of smell or taste, please cancel your appointment and contact your primary care physician for assistance.  If you were exposed to someone on quarantine or suspected of having COVID-19, I also ask that you reschedule.  Please be symptom free for 14 days before rebooking your appointment.

I will ask you to wash your hands or to use hand sanitizer after we go into the treatment room and again before you leave.

Please limit the amount of personal items that you bring in to the office and keep them with you at all times.

For your protection, we will be wearing masks.  Additionally, all rooms are thoroughly cleaned according to CDC standards and all linens are changed between each patient.  The entire office has also been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

With our world being so unpredictable, I will not be selling packages going forward.  Of course, you may continue to use what treatments you have remaining.  After that, payments will be made at the time of each treatment.  I will not be charging a “COVID Service Fee” as many companies are doing to offset costs associated with the new state regulations.  Treatment costs will remain the same as the individual price of a treatment, when purchased in a package of three.

I hope that everyone stays healthy and well during this challenging time.  We’ll get through this together.  Can’t wait to see you again!

Welcome to Little Birds Acupuncture

Little Birds Acupuncture opened its doors to serve the needs of a growing community looking for holistic health care.  Since 2010, people from Strongsville, Brunswick, Cleveland, North Royalton and many neighboring communities of Northeast Ohio, have been coming to Little Birds Acupuncture for the personal and compassionate care they receive.

As acupuncture and Chinese Medicine look at the overall health of each patient, most health concerns can be addressed.  Some specialties include pain management, preventative medicine, women’s health, allergies and digestive issues. We want to make you feel your best!

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